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Sermon Reflection Questions- February 18, 2018

On Sunday, we completed the third and final session of our sermon series on the book of Zechariah, titled, Hope for You. In this message, we looked at Zechariah chapter nine to discover that we are to Behold, the king who is coming to you. The people of God were waiting on a king who would come, lead his people, and provide permanent peace for them and for the world. The following are questions for reflection based upon the sermon and are made available for Willow Creek members and friends to use as desired.

Title: Behold, Your King is Coming to You

Text: Zechariah 9:9-17

1. What were your initial thoughts concerning this week's message? Any particularly helpful points that you would like to share with the group?

2. God calls many individuals to "Behold him." How do we do that as a church? What does this teach regarding the importance of being together with other believers in worship?

3. A role of king can be hard for us in 21st century America to understand. How would you describe the role of a king? What does it mean for us that Jesus in our King and the King of the whole world?

4. Describe the peace King Jesus brought about on Earth. How did he acquire peace?

5. Have you ever considered that in many ways we are trapped and imprisoned by our addictions, by our poor choices, by our past? What has that looked like in your life? (Share what you feel comfortable sharing and also, re-read Zechariah 9:11-12)

6. Read Philippians 2:7-11. Describe the relationship between God and Jesus based on these verses.

7. Pastor Drew used the image of a hammer, a file, and a furnace as those objects used in suffering. What stirred in you as you thought about how we can love and be thankful for the master (God) of those objects, even as we experience the painful suffering?

8. We are invited to live lives of joy! What does that look like and how might you start living that out this week?