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Sermon Reflection Questions- February 4, 2018

On Sunday, we began a three week series on the book of Zechariah, titled, Hope for You. In this initial message, we looked at Zechariah chapter one to determine how God's people were dealing with difficult circumstances during the post-exile period, and how God was calling his people back to himself through repentance. Repentance is ultimately about Recognizing who God is, Returning to God, and allowing God to Redirect our steps. The following are questions for reflection based upon the sermon and are made available for Willow Creek small groups to use as desired.

Title: Lift Your Eyes- God's Perspective on Suffering

Text: Zechariah 1:1-6

1. Our message from Zechariah begins with God's people just returning from exile and the city of Jerusalem and God's temple lying in ruins. Talk about the overall demeanor and countenance of God's people during this difficult season.

2. God calls his people in Zechariah 1:1 to repent. What does repentance mean? What does it look like?

3. Pastor Drew asked the question, "In what ways are you failing to recognize God as LORD of your life?" and gave the example of finances. How would you answer this question?

4. How is Jesus the "great prophet?" Read Mark 1:15 & Hebrews 1:1-2 and discuss why that is good news.

5. Pastor Drew stated- "God uses suffering to bring people to himself." How can that be true, and how have you seen this in your life?

6. How can your actions glorify God this week? What good news about Jesus do you hold to that gives you the confidence to redirect your steps?