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Sermon Reflection Questions- February 11, 2018

On Sunday, we completed part two of a three part series on the book of Zechariah, titled, Hope for You. In this message, we looked at Zechariah chapter three to discover how Satan comes to place blame, but God provides us a new name! The people of God had a high priest who appeared in a vision with filthy garments and was being accused of failure by Satan. God however, rebukes Satan, provides the high priest with clean garments, and promises one who would come to rule and reign as high priest and king with the title "The Branch." The following are questions for reflection based upon the sermon and are made available for Willow Creek small groups to use as desired.


Title: The Branch- God's Purpose in Suffering

Text: Zechariah 3:1-10

1. What were your initial thoughts concerning this week's message? Any particularly helpful points that you would like to share with the group?

2. Talk about the context that God's people are living in during the time of Zechariah. How would they have felt returning from the exile, being weak spiritually, socially, politically, and financially, and not having a temple to worship in?

3. Zechariah receives a vision of Joshua the High Priest being accused by Satan of his wrong doings. What was the significance of his "filthy garments?" Share a time where you felt similar to Zechariah.

4. Pastor Drew stated, "Without the image of our filth, our (non-right living), we can’t see the beauty of God’s (right, righteous living)." Why is it necessary to know our sin in order to more fully enjoy what God has done for us?

5. How does God act in the midst of Satan's rebuke of Joshua the High Priest? What does that act (reconciliation) say about God?

6.How is Jesus our "great high priest?" Read Hebrews 4:14-16 together.

7. Where do we place our trust in the midst of difficult political, social, and spiritual times? How are we called to live during this day?

8. Read Revelation 12:10-11. Why is this passage good news for us today?