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Connect Groups

Connect Groups

One of the best ways to connect with people at Willow Creek Church in a deeper, more meaningful way is by joining a Connect Group.

A Connect Group is a group of disciples who experience and express the gospel together. They do so by living life together for the purpose of growing in grace and demonstrating that grace in acts of service to one another, their church, and community. A Connect Group is on mission with God, participating with him in the restoration of all things.

Connect Groups provide a sort of "gospel incubator" in which we experience Christ together (Ephesians 4:1-5:2). As we experience Christ, we will begin to express Christ in the communities where God has placed us, in our Connect Group, families, neighborhood, school, work, soccer field, gym - everywhere (Acts 17:26-27)!

This is what we and others call: missional living.

Experiencing Christ transforms our affections, priorities, and the overall practice of our faith. When we experience Christ, we begin to love what God loves and serve out of fullness rather than a sense of guilt or obligation. We enjoy the freedom that is now ours in Christ!

Contact Drew Taylor, Pastor of Families and Connections, with any questions.