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Care Ministries

If you have lived long enough you likely know that it’s not if something significant will happen in your life but when. Our Member Care Team wants to be there for you during those times.

Our team consists of other church members who are called to serve and care for those that God brings into their lives. Often their desire and ability to serve has been shaped by challenging events in their lives.

Some of the ways we can provide care are by offering assistance with financial needs through our Deacon’s fund, providing hospital, rehab and in home visitations, serving the Lord's Supper to those who are no longer able to come to church, providing memorial services, providing medical rides, offering one-to-one support by trained care team members and finding ways to help you get connected either through service or joining a Connect Group.

Willow Creek partners with other agencies in our community who are uniquely qualified to provide additional services. Our Resource Guide has a listing of those agencies (marked with an asterisk) along with other groups who may be able to help.

View the Willow Creek Church Resource Guide here

Complete our Care Request form here