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Pastor Kevin's Blog

Two Service Schedule Starts April 8th

Starting Sunday, April 8th, Willow Creek Church will return to two weekly worship services!


Time: 9:00AM
Location: The Chapel (Formerly "The Block")

Fully staffed, safe nursery for children two and younger
Pre-K class
Children's worship for K-5th Grade (beginning right before the sermon)


Time: 10:45AM
Location: The Worship Center

Fully staffed, safe nursery for children two and younger
Pre-K class
Children's worship for K-5th Grade (beginning right before the sermon)



What are we doing? We are returning to a two service schedule on Sunday, April 8th.

What will be the times of these services? 9:00AM and 10:45AM.

What will these services be called? The Chapel Service (9:00AM) and the Center Service (10:45AM).

Where will these services be held? 9:00AM worship will be held in our former sanctuary, now referred to as “The Chapel” (formerly "The Block"). 10:45AM worship will be held in the Worship Center.

How will these services be the same? Both services will feature the same worship order, as well as the same sermon and sacraments.

How will these services be the different? The Chapel Service at 9:00AM will be a smaller, more intimate gathering involving piano and acoustical instrumentation. Song selections might be slightly different. The Center Service will be a continuation of our present worship service, and feature a full band.

Why return to two services? There are several reasons our elders felt led to return to two services. Here are two of the most compelling:

1.) Offering two services allows people to volunteer AND attend worship on a Sunday morning, not one or the other.

2.) Many of our members and neighbors prefer an early worship time. Returning to two services helps us reach and serve more people.

Why not hold both services in the same space? We believe that our former sanctuary is the perfect size for our new Chapel Service. It isn’t too big and it isn’t too small. Also, holding early worship in that space equips our worship bands to practice without disruption in the Worship Center on Sunday mornings, ahead of the Center Service.


Will there be nurseries and Pre-K care for both services? Yes. Child drop-off for our nursery and Pre-K class will open fifteen minutes before each service. Child pick-up will take place immediately after the close of each service.

Will there be children’s worship at both services? Yes. We will offer children’s worship at both services, with children K-5th grade invited to a special teaching time right before the sermon. Child pick-up will take place immediately after the close of each service.

What is happening to children’s Sunday School? We are ending children’s Sunday School, instead encouraging children in Pre-K through 5th grade to enjoy children’s worship on Sunday mornings as well as IGNITE (Wednesdays at Willow) or AWANA (Friday nights) during the week.

Isn’t it wrong to end children’s Sunday School? Sunday school is neither a biblical requirement, nor a well attended ministry at Willow Creek Church. We're choosing to emphasize our very strong children’s worship ministry, coupled with strong midweek ministry opportunities (IGNITE and AWANA), as pathways for children's discipleship.

What will my child do while I am volunteering? Wherever possible, we are now encouraging families to serve together. If you have questions regarding this, please contact your ministry team leader or a member of our pastoral staff directly.


Will there be Sunday School (Switch AM) for students, grades 6-12? As with younger children, we are ending Sunday School (Switch AM) for students in grades 6-12. Instead, we're encouraging students to worship with their families on Sunday morning, as well as enjoy either Senior High Switch on Sunday nights or Middle School Switch on Wednesday nights.


Will there be Sunday seminars on Sunday morning? Yes! We will offer the same adult Sunday seminar (open to interested middle and high school students as well) opposite both worship services. Attend worship and then stay for the seminar or attend the seminar and then stay for worship. It’s your choice!

What about Crossroads Cafe? Our Cafe will be open on Sunday mornings. We will also offer a small coffee and tea table prior to the early service, in the Chapel.


When will I know my new volunteer schedule? During the month of March, ministry team leaders and/or staff members will contact all ministry volunteers, inquiring about availability for future service according to this new schedule. They will then prepare and distribute new volunteer schedules.

Won’t we need more volunteers? Some areas will require additional ministry volunteers. During the month of March, we will be recruiting new members for certain ministry areas. Please consider joining a team!

When will pre-service prayer happen? All ministry volunteers will be expected to meet with the pastoral staff for announcements and prayer in the chapel foyer at 8:40AM (early service) and the main lobby at 10:25AM (later service).

When will we set-up and tear-down chairs for the Chapel Service? We will set up the Chapel Service on Sunday morning at 8:15AM, and tear it down immediately following.

Who will set-up and tear-down chairs for the Chapel Service? This is currently being discussed, and we're finalizing a plan.

Who will prepare the coffee carafes and hot water for tea for the Chapel Service? This is also being discussed, and we will update this page when we finalize a plan.


Join me and several of our elders in Room 604 after worship, on Sunday, March 18th. We will answer any remaining questions you might have.