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Pastor Kevin's Blog

REGISTER NOW! Grace Encounter Conference!


My friend, Jerry Q Parries, and I are coming together with our congregations to host a celebration of the grace of God in early 2017! I would LOVE FOR YOU TO JOIN US!

Jerry and I are different in some respects, and so are our congregations. However, we believe that what unites us is infinitely greater than whatever might differentiate us: the grace of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ!

At a time when when our culture seems hopelessly divided, we think this is a great opportunity for God's people to come together in all their beautiful diversity, remembering and celebrating the grace of God that's made us one in Him!

We're calling this gathering the Grace Encounter Conference. Our theme is "All Things New!" It's March 15-17, 2017 at Willow Creek Church. You can register now at for the "early bird" rate - only $50/person for the whole thing!

Come, hear great speakers like Ray Cortese, Steve Brown, and Elyse Fitzpatrick - as well as several of Jerry's friends!

Our musicians will be coming together to lead us in worship, along with some other special guests. Jerry is an AMAZING musician! His friends and our people are going to bring the house down!

Finally, please join us in PRAYER. May God use this for His glory as we seek the reconciling power of the gospel and watch God making "All Things New!"