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PK Recommends: "Saving Grace: Daily Devotions from Jack Miller"

saving grace

I had a meeting yesterday with two friends. Over coffee, we talked about the gospel and how desperately our exhausted world needs the good news of God's inexhaustible grace. More specifically, we spoke about how easily we can forget the newsness of life that is now ours in Christ by grace. We default to living in fear, out of our former identity - rather than resting in our new identity as God's beloved children. We need to be reminded, continually reminded, that - in Christ - God is for us, not against us. 

I don't know about you, but I forget God's love so quickly and so easily. I'm continually tempted to transfer my trust and allegiances away from God to other things. I need to be reminded that these are not worthy objects of my faith or allegiance. They can't bear the burdens that Christ has already and completely born for me. 

One way that I am reminded is by meditating on the promises of God through his Word. With that in mind, I want to recommend to you another great devotional. A while back, I recommended Paul Tripp's New Morning Mercies. That was and remains an excellent recommendation. Let me now commend to you Saving Grace: Daily Devotions from Jack Miller. Its short but sweet encouragements are the perfect devotional for hurried mornings or half-hour power lunches. It's also small, easy to tuck in a briefcase, purse, or backpack. Pull it out whenever, wherever and get a 100-proof shot of grace anytime you need it! Be encouraged.

God loves you. So much. Don't forget it.


From the publisher:

Begin a Year of Grace-Filled Living Now! The gospel changes how we live each day. That s the premise of Saving Grace and the legacy of Jack Miller s ministry. Founder of Serge and the New Life Presbyterian network of churches, Miller believed that Christians need to hear the gospel by faith every day, and he preached what he believed. These 366 gospel-saturated selections from Miller s pioneering sermons offer a fresh exploration of the everyday life of faith. With topics like forgiveness, relationships, temptation, prayer, joy, and perseverance this daily devotional will help readers to catch Miller s hope-filled vision for living in light of the gospel. Each daily reading is tied to a corresponding audio sermon available soon at, providing additional resources for further reflection.