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Pastor Kevin's Blog

Officer Nomination and Election Process


On Sunday, February 7th, Willow Creek Church will elect its newest class of officers - specifically, elders and deacons. You might be wondering how a church like Willow Creek equips and entrusts its ordained leadership. Here is a brief outline of the process.


Every year, Willow Creek will accept nominations for new elder and deacon candidates. All nominees will then be screened for membership and Christian experience requirements. If the nominee qualifies in these areas, they will receive a notification of their eligibility and the process to follow.

Preliminary Interview

The nominated candidate will then meet with representatives from among the elders to discuss the propriety and timeliness of their nomination. If advisable, the candidate will begin the formal process of training.


Training for office at Willow Creek is an intentionally thoughtful and comprehensive process. It includes a biblical and theological overview, held over two ten-week sessions of Wednesdays at Willow (spring and fall). This culminates in a small group specifically designed for leader candidates meeting once a month, over 6-8 months. During this time, candidates learn other important aspects of practical theology. 

Final Interview

After completing the training, candidates are interviewed by representatives of Session regarding their preparedness to serve as ordained officers. All those approved will stand for election at the annual Willow Creek congregational business meeting.

Approval and Ordination

Approved by the members of Willow Creek Church, approved officers will be ordained and/or installed at an subsequent worship service. They will then begin their first three-year term of service in their respective office.