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Pastor Kevin's Blog

NEXT Vision Update | El Redentor and Mexico City

As we enter our fourth decade of ministry, we do so with a new strategic vision. We’re calling it NEXT, and it’s composed of 10 goals for the next 10 years.

One of these goals is establishing/strengthening highly relational mission partnerships in six key areas: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Native America, and an under-resourced region of the United States.

Our specific hope for each of our members is that they will align with at least one of these areas in a personal ministry of prayer, presence (visiting these missionaries either at home or abroad, as the Lord enables), and over-and-above financial partnership.

This past week, I was able to visit with our mission partners in Latin America, Pastor Victor and Teresa Cruz, as well as members of their church, El Redentor, at their bi-annual marriage conference. During my time in and around Mexico City, I saw the great work that El Redentor is doing. Here are just a few highlights:

Church Planting

El Redentor is recruiting and equipping future church planters to start new congregations throughout Mexico City. I’ve been able to see these new churches first hand, as well as meet many strengthened in faith through them. 

Mercy Ministry

Pastor Cruz took me to see El Redentor's brand new community center in a northern part of the city. In what can only be described as a very efficient use of space, this single facility houses a fully equipped wood shop, professional kitchen, counseling center, and dental office! Their hope is to minister to the area's residents and especially its homeless, equipping neighbors with marketable skills, as well as ministering to their spiritual and physical needs. 

City to City

Pastor Cruz is part of a global church planting movement known as City to City. City to City prayerfully recruits, trains, coaches and resources leaders who start new churches and church networks in global cities. Mexico City certainly qualifies as a "global city," with a metro area of 21.2 million people. By comparison, the entire Orlando metro area is only around 2.4 million!

Did you know that Willow Creek has supported Victor and Teresa from the very beginning of El Redentor? We have! Your generous and faithful giving to Willow Creek makes our partnership with Victor and Teresa possible. It is bearing much fruit.