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Pastor Kevin's Blog

Join Us for the Grace Encounter Conference!


As you might already know, Pastor Jerry Parries of the Christian Family Worship Center and I, along with our churches, are coming together to host the Grace Encounter Conference (March 15-17, 2017), at Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, FL. We’d love for you to be part of this inaugural conference!

The Grace Encounter Conference will be a unique gathering. Jerry is African-American. I’m white. Jerry’s church is predominantly African-American. Willow Creek is predominantly white. We are from different denominational traditions. Beside these obvious differences, we know that there are other differences between us, our churches, and our respective members - cultural, political, and so on. Those are important distinctions, but they are not all-important.

Jerry and I believe that our shared foundation in Jesus Christ goes deeper and wider than anything that might differentiate us. By the grace of God, we who are different in so many ways are yet one in Christ.

At a time of so much division in our culture, we believe that it’s imperative for the Church to not only declare the reconciling power of God, but to demonstrate it as well. With that in mind, we’ve been getting to know one another; growing as friends; sharing in ministry together; inviting our churches to experience and express deeper bonds of fellowship; and coming together to host the Grace Encounter Conference.

It’s going to be an amazing gathering. We have powerful, passionate speakers. Our musicians are coming together along with some talented guests. We’re planning some engaging roundtable discussions on the gospel and race, as well as question and answer sessions. We’re praying for a sweet time of fellowship, resting on a shared celebration of the One who makes us one.

If you haven't yet registered, please visit our conference website! Now, due to some amazing generosity, we're able to offer conference registration for only $25/person! 

I hope to see you there!

Pastor Kevin Labby