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Pastor Kevin's Blog

An Invitation to the Grace Encounter Conference

Dear Friends:

It’s very easy to view our nation’s current ideological and cultural divisions as occasions for hopelessness, not opportunities for healing.

The seemingly endless stream of bad news flowing over social media and through our televisions threatens to overwhelm us like a torrent. Mean-spirited and polarizing rhetoric pushes at us like waves and pulls at us like an undertow, making it harder and harder to stay together with our shared sense of hope and optimism afloat.

Sadly, the divisiveness characteristic of our age affects and even infects the church. If we’re not vigilant, we easily allow the divisions and dilemmas of our age to loom larger in our hearts and minds than our shared deliverance in Jesus. What a tragedy - not only for ourselves, but for a world in desperate need of the good news of the gospel.

With that in mind, I want to invite you to a special conference, March 15-17th, 2017 at Willow Creek Church in Winter Springs, FL. It’s called the Grace Encounter Conference.

My friend, Pastor Jerry Q Parries, and I have invited a diverse group of friends to come together and lead us in a celebration of the reconciling power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want you to join us! Don’t miss it!

Jerry and I are different in many respects, yet we fervently believe that what unites us in Jesus Christ is infinitely more important than whatever differentiates us. We also believe that the gospel is the one true hope of reconciliation and healing for our divided and hurting world.


Come, be refreshed. Come, be reminded. Come, be renewed.

And then leave, ready to re-engage a world in desperate need of hope and healing with the good news that GOD IS MAKING ALL THINGS NEW!

Kevin Labby, Senior Pastor
Willow Creek Church
Winter Springs, FL