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Pastor Kevin's Blog

A Note of Thanks

Dear Willow Creek Church Family:

Last Sunday, we returned to two Sunday morning worship services, our new Chapel Service at 9:00AM and our Center Service at 10:45AM. I want to thank you so much for your encouragement and support of this change. It's been nothing short of amazing.

To those who came together for renewed platform designs in both worship spaces, offering creative direction, skilled labor, the generous donation of materials, and more: thank you!

To those who devoted time, skills, and materials toward our continuing efforts to upgrade the Willow Creek Chapel: thank you!

To those who donated a beautiful piano for our Chapel: thank you!

To staff members who helped plan and coordinate numerous, often hidden, tasks associated with this transition: thank you!

To our music team members who adjusted their practice and Sunday schedules to lead us in beautiful songs of praise and worship: thank you!

To tech team members who came together to perform necessary technical upgrades and the coordination of audio and visual elements: thank you!

To those who shifted their nursery and children’s ministry involvement to accommodate new audiences at new times: thank you!

To those who expanded their Sunday seminar leadership to accommodate two offerings, instead of one, on Sunday mornings: thank you!

To our Discover class hosts and participants for their flexibility and perseverance: thank you!

To our Crossroads Cafe team and those who put together a beautiful coffee table at the Chapel Service: thank you!

To those who served as greeters at the Chapel Service, Center Service, and everywhere in between: thank you!

To our Walking Tall team members who provide a safety net for all Sunday morning activities: thank you!

To Pastor Drew, Jeff Smith, and our “Deacons on Duty” who provide overall logistical oversight on Sunday mornings: thank you!

My greatest fear in writing these expressions of thanks is that I’ve inadvertently forgotten someone’s very important contribution. If I have, please know that it’s the result of being blessed so much, so quickly. It’s overwhelming - in a great way! Also, please let me know what I missed so that I can apologize and update this appropriately.

Above all, I give thanks and praise to God for making Willow Creek Church a true family of faith, one that comes together to do great things for his glory.

Hope to see you this Sunday, at 9:00AM, 10:45AM, or both!

Kevin Labby, Senior Pastor
Willow Creek Church