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Pastor Kevin's Blog

Romans: "Why are you preaching through Romans?"

A recent Ligonier Ministries study found that American evangelicals not only hold increasingly confused and conflicting religious beliefs, but often do so quite vigorously. There is an epidemic of misunderstanding in much of the church today. With that in mind, we'll start a sermon series in Romans this Sunday.

Romans is one of the most concise while yet comprehensive explanations of God's grace to sinners in all of Scripture. This fall, we'll begin our study, swimming in its breadth and diving into its depths. My prayerful hope is that the Lord further equips our members and friends to keep the faith, understanding and holding to the foundational truths of the Christian faith with renewed vigor. 

This study of Romans will take a while, and we will take breaks along the way, but I hope you'll join us for the journey. Please join me in prayer for a series that encourages and equips all who hear it. 

You can review the Ligonier study here