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A Recommended Lenten Devotional

Yesterday, during the sermon, I shared a little bit about the history of Lenten observance. If you're looking for a biblical devotional as we approach our remembrance of Christ's death and resurrection (one that avoids some of the concerns about Lent that I shared), this is a good onefrom our friends at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City....

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Steve Brown: "A Healed Cripple Doesn't Have to Be Encouraged to Walk"

"My pastor asked and so I preached for the first Sunday in Advent. I'm generally not that happy about preaching during the Christmas season. Millions and millions of Advent sermons have been preached. Everything that needs to be said has already been said and more often than not, it's been said better than I could say it. Not only that, as you know, I'm sort of a Scrooge a...

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Becky Pippert: "Evangelism Must Explain What’s Wrong with the World"

"People around us today often scoff at the notion of sin. Our world has new names for what ails us: poor self-esteem, neurosis, addiction, anxiety, psychological wounding, and so forth. It isn't that these issues aren't a reality; it's that such analysis doesn't go deep enough to reveal the root cause." [Article continues here]...

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Recommended: "The Tech-wise Family: A Conversation about Parenting and Family"

From the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention: "Russell Moore: One of the top questions that I get from parents is navigating technology, whether that is smartphones, social media, or television time. That's why I wanted to talk with my friend, Andy Crouch. He is the author of a magnificent book called The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday S...

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Steve Brown: "Jesus Isn't a Presbyterian (or a Republican)"

I've made Jesus into a Presbyterian. Is that crazy or what? Don't get me wrongI think he should be. In fact, for years I tried to force him into that moldcorrect, nice and proper. I always thought Jesus would be comfortable in most Presbyterian churches and subscribe to The Westminster Confession of Faith. If his incarnation had taken place in modern times, I was also qu...

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Justin Holcomb: "How 'Love God and Others' Is a Backward Gospel"

"Sometimes you hear people say that the gospel message is 'Love God, love others.' It sounds nice, but it's all backward. 'Love God and love others' is not a summary of the gospelit's a summary of the law." [Continue reading]...

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Sam Allberry: "When You Feel Like a (Christian) Imposter"

In this piece, Sam Allberry describes a very relatable experience, one that bids us to question who we truly are. Do you wonder how to reconcile your identity as a Christian with so many incompatible thoughts, words, and deeds? Be reminded and encouraged by the truth of the gospel. You are new. [Read article here]...

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Paul Tripp: "In Your Suffering Don't Forget Eternity"

Suffering is so real, so physical, so emotional, and so life-dominating that it's hard to think of anything but the present moment of pain. Pain in your body can be heart-and life-dominating. It greets you in the morning, it nags you throughout the day, and it pulls the last groan out of you before you fitfully sleep. You can't run from it, because you have no ability to e...

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Albert Mohler: "How Can I Best Prepare Students to Live Their Faith out in Public Schools?"

From Ligonier Ministries: "Children face many challenges to their faith in school. How should parents and teachers respond? From our 2017 National Conference, Albert Mohler explains how and why we must teach young people to turn to the Word of God"[Video here]....

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Thomas Schreiner: "Beware Theological Dangers on Both Left and Right"

"Paul charges Timothy to 'guard the good deposit' (2 Tim. 1:14), which is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We're to remain vigilant in guarding the gospel because both the Scriptures and also church history remind us that many have swerved from the truth. Even a cursory reading of the New Testament reveals that upholding the truth and the purity of the gospel has been a challen...

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Hearing God's Word During Your Workweek

The most public ministry of the Word typically occurs on Sunday mornings, during the worship service. As a minister of the gospel, it's my great privilege - along with other preachers approved by our elders - to preach God's Word to the family of God at Willow Creek. It's an awe-inspiring and humbling truth that, inasmuch as a sermon faithfully proclaims the Scriptures, Go...

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Recommended Resource | "Mom, Dad...What's Sex?"

A child's simple question - "What's sex?" - can be one of the more difficult for parents to answer. Thankfully, in Mom, DadWhat's Sex: Giving Your Kids a Gospel-Centered View of Sex and Our Culture, Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick thoroughly equip their readers with honest, helpful, and surprisingly healing insight. I consider this book a must read, the best on the s...

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PK Recommends: "Saving Grace: Daily Devotions from Jack Miller"

saving grace

I had a meeting yesterday with two friends. Over coffee, we talked about the gospel and how desperately our exhausted world needs the good news of God's inexhaustible grace. More specifically, we spoke about how easily we can forget the newsness of life that is now ours in Christ by grace. We default to living in fear, out of our former identity - rather than resting in ou...

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