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Archives for February 2016

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Firing My Inner Compliance Officers


My inner-dialogues are often quite condemning and cynical. All too often, they are full of comparisons and accusations. God must be angry at you. Why else would [this or that] happen? You aren’t as organized as [insert annoyingly organized person’s name here]. You’re disorganized. Why don’t you read your Bible more? Pray more? You’re not as...

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The Dead Ends of Religion and Irreligion


     What gives us a sense of significance? What provides security? What will ultimately satisfy us? How can we enjoy peace of conscience? Why do we do what we do? What does our activity ultimately accomplish? Who are we, really? These are profound questions. They’re some of the ultimate questions of our existence. Are we left alone to ...

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Observing Lent at Willow Creek Church

The Lenten season is almost upon us! Today, we typically plan our days around the seasons, school calendars, and a mixture of both sacred holidays and secular observances. Not so for the early Christians. They organized their calendars around the redemptive work of Christ. This approach to the calendar lives on today in popular observances like the four-week Advent sea...

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Willow Creek Church Picnic


Save the Date!  Our annual Willow Creek Church Picnic is right around the corner, on Palm Sunday - March 20th! We'll gather again at Central Winds Park in Winter Springs. Make plans to worship with us that morning, and then come out to the park for delicious food and fun fellowship. It's going to be great! More information coming soon! Mark your calendar!...

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Willow Creek's Solar Bears Hockey Night!

Join me and a great group from Willow Creek for a night of hockey and fun at the Orlando Solar Bears game on February 26th! We're just going to meet up at the game, and enjoy it together. No fuss, no muss - just a simple night out together.  If you want to join us, click here to register! Once you've paid, we'll forward your ticket to you!  ...

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Willow Creek is partnering with New City Parramore!

Willow Creek and New City Parramore from Willow Creek Church on Vimeo. What a great privilege to partner with a growing church plant in the Parramore community of Orlando - New City Parramore, led by Pastor Eric Stites.  In this brief video, our Director of Children's Ministries, Drew Taylor, shares about an exciting opportunity for members and friends of Willow C...

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Christ Hold Fast Conference - Volunteers Needed!


Willow Creek is pleased to host the upcoming Christ Hold Fast Conference, February 18-20, 2016! And we need your help!  Registered volunteers who fill a time slot are able to attend the conference free of charge! Grab a spot, help us offer an exciting event, and then enjoy some or all of the conference with us. You can see and register for one of the many ministry op...

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